Monday, March 09, 2009

A road trip to Victoria

The family and I have just arrived home from a road trip to Victoria - 2 weeks of exploring, camping (pretty challenging with a 9 month old!) and eating. We caught up with family and friends and generally had a great holiday. Apart from a roast we cooked with my sister in Melbourne we ate pretty standard camping fare although there were some spectacular food highlights when we ate out.

On the Mornington Peninsula we went wine tasting and ate lunch at a couple of the local wineries. We had a lovely Italian meal at the restaurant attached to T'Gallant winery - it was lovely place to sit and overlook the vines with a glass of wine and some food.

We also had a great French meal at La Petanque. No photos due the time spent trying to wrangle a small child into to his highchair and keep him there - it required 2 pairs of hands and G had to relinquish a fairly large portion of his pork belly and parsnip mash to a hungry little mouth!

After a weekend in Melbourne with my sister we drove further south to the Great Ocean Road and stayed in Lorne for a few days. It drizzled pretty much everyday we were there but we braved the weather and took a day trip to the Gentle Annie Berry farm.

This was a great day - the farm is a family run affair and has a cafe and produce store. After paying for a "Gobbler's pass" we were let loose on the berries to pick and eat to our hearts desire.

We picked (read ate) our way through several varieies of strawberries and rasberries, thornless blackberries and nashi - we even managed to pick enough to fill a small punnet and then retired to the cafe to eat pie. Bliss..... if you are down that way I highly reccomend a trip to Gentle Annie farm.

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