Friday, July 24, 2009

Apps for food lovers!

I recently got myself a shiny new iphone (finally!) and am totally in love! I've been boring friends, family and colleagues with my raptures of joy so I won't bore you with the details, except to say I'm more organised, entertained and eating better than I did B.i. (before iphone)

I regularly use Epicurious for interesting ideas and recipes - it's very US-centric but I really like the reviews of each recipe. I have found some great recipes that are in regular rotation at my house. The free app from their website is a cut-down version but it's great - easy to search and save recipes and perfect for when I'm on the bus home trying to decide what's for dinner.

It has a tricky little function where if you turn the phone on its side it separates into 3 tabs - main (photo and description), ingredients, and preparation so when you've got the phone in the kitchen cooking you don't need to scroll through each stage - just tap! It also doesn't go into powersave mode when its in this function. Tricky.

Dinner tonight was Epicurious inspired - pasta with pumpkin, blue cheese and pecans. We are still trying to eat less meat so I substituted sweet roasted pumpkin for the chicken and used pecans as that's hat I had on hand.

I roasted cubes of pumpkin (about 1/2 a butternut), olive oil, fresh rosemary and pecans till the pumpkin was soft and just a little brown


Cook the pasta till al dente and drain. In the same saucepan I browned a small onion (diced) and then put the pasta back in, added a handful of rocket and 100g of crumbled blue cheese. Mix well so that the cheese melts and then serve topped with the pumkin mix.

It was good - I might even try it with the chicken next time

What apps are you using for cooking?