Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Blogging by Mail surprise!

Blogging by mail is a physical extension of the international food swap that is food blogging. Organized this round by the lovely Stephanie, The Happy Sorceress, all the way back in September last year!
I sent my parcel full of Australian goodies to a fellow blogger in the US and eagerly awaited my parcel from some far flung part of the globe. And waited and waited....
Just when I had given it up for lost or confiscated by customs and just before Christmas I came home after a grueling day at work to find a LARGE parcel on the back step! It literally made my day!
With much excitement I opened the beautifully wrapped box and surveyed my bounty from the very generous and sweet Abby from North Carolina.

Every piece of the parcel had a label attached explaining it's heritage and meaning to Abby and her family. I was thoroughly charmed!

My favorite things in the parcel were hands down the Moravian biscuits - wafer thin and beautifully spiced - they were perfect with a cup of tea. Abby thoughtfully provided the recipe and while it was challenging to roll them as thin as the ones that were sent they were delicious.
Abby is a Moravian and the biscuits are part of her communities Christmas tradition so I was very pleased to be able to bake them for my friends and family along with my traditional Christmas fare. The other highlights were the hot sauce always a favorite with G and the MapleNut candy - teeth achingly sweet but great!

I apologise for it taking a little while, well okay a couple of months to get this post up - I really have no excuse - just the usual - the holidays, work blah blah.

I have always loved receiving mail and this event and parcel was a fantastic experience - and thank you again Abby!

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Abby said...


I had given up on this package EVER arriving so I had also given up on checking your blog!

SO MANY times I wanted to comment and apologize, but I thought no - it hasn't been returned to me so it might still arrive.

I'm SO GLAD it was sent! I even mailed it BEFORE the deadline for the blogging by mail!

Crazy postal system!

I hope you enjoy it!