Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who's your (Beard) Papa?

I have had a very very good day. I was shopping at Chatswood Westfield and walked past a sign near the food court proclaiming "Beard Papa now open on level 3. I literally stopped in my tracks, spun around and headed straight for the down escalator - where ever I was heading totally forgotten.

Beard Papa is a Japanese chain of stores that makes cream puffs. Nothing else but lovely eggy hand sized cream puffs filled with fresh vanilla creme patisserie, light, creamy and flecked with dark specks of real vanilla. They bake every 2 hours and fill the shells when you order so the choux pastry is still fresh and slightly crunchy when you bite into it. Heaven.

I first came across Beard Papa in Kyoto - there was one just outside my local supermarket which tested my will power on a regular basis. They make the best last minute dinner party dessert, I smother them in a rich, warm chocolate sauce and serve.

If you can get to Chatswood and are prepared to take on the labyrinth that is Chatswood Westfield I urge you to seek out Beard Papa and try one of their superb cream puffs. You'll end up taking home a box for sure!

Beard Papa Sweets
K353A (Near General Pants)
Westfield Shopping Centre
1 Anderson St
Ph: 02 9412 2214


tvbmadness said...

omg i love beard papa... first heard of it in Hong Kong,... alway have it when i get back!!! finally da first one in sydney is in chatswood!! yeah!!!

cin said...

beard papa is in Australia? :-O let me check my calendar to see when I'm up there next!

Georgia said...

I was so excited when I found it!